Moving equipment in our vehicles

All of our vehicles carry moving blankets, straps, shrink wrap and a hand trolley. Other equipment such as tool box (for disassembling and assembling furniture), platform trolleys etc can be organised at request. Please let us know at the time of booking if any other equipment is required.

Are the goods insured and what happens if something is damaged?

Our movers are insured for public liability, but goods in transit are not automatically covered for damages. Although we take all care in moving your goods, but the unexpected can happen, so we highly recommend that a separate “goods in transit” insurance is organised prior to the move. Please talk to one of our representatives and we can refer you insurance companies who can get your goods insured in no time. Our complete policy on damages can be found on our terms and conditions page.

Moving a fridge in upright or laying down position

Experts have told us that if a fridge is turned off a few hours before and is not turned back on a few hours after the move, its perfectly safe for the fridge. But having said that, if you are not comfortable to move your fridge in a laying down position due to the height of the van, we prefer that you book an open tray (if only moving a few items), or a truck so that we can transport your fridge in an upright position. Please let us know your preferance at the time of booking.

Will my goods fit in the vehicle?

At the time of booking, we try and ascertain the size and quantity of goods to recommend the moving vehicle, so that we are not making multiple trips to move your goods. So, its important that you give us an accurate picture of goods at the time of the booking, otherwise we may have to make multiple trips on the day to move your goods which may cost you more eventually.

Are we insured?

We are fully insured. We cover under:

  • Public liability
  • Transit insure